C’mon sea legs, pull yourself together…

September 5, 2008

Wow! I’ve finished projects.

First, I finished my Celtic Cable Neckwarmer. And she’s a beauty!

Croissant is always the manly helper. Always.

And then I went ahead and finished my couple of boxes:

which became

And then I decided against the waste of yarn for felting since it didn’t seem to help much with sturdiness, and went for a nice thick garter stitch. The result was much nicer:


Neither box is perfect, but they hold my underthings, which is all I really needed them to do anyway. And now I think I have a pretty good grip on box-making. When I get around to making more, I shall know how to make a pretty nice one, I should think. I’m going to invest in a bit of wire for stiffness. I could go down a couple of needle sizes or two, but I prefer to be able to knit one up in under an hour. And it’s not like adding wire is cheating…is it?

In other knit news, I also finished my Venus scarf, but have not been able to block it. I will post a progress picture or two a little later on. I also finished a sweater that I finished knitting over a year ago. I finally went and bought some buttons and now it’s really quite cute, despite the fact that my knitting was less than excellent at that point and time.

The most exciting thing of all, however, is this:

(Yes, those are two posters of two different Mr. Darcys.)

It may not be noticeable at first glance, but I rather enjoy citrus fruits. I know, I know, I was a bit subtle about it, but I think if you pay close enough attention, you can see it.  The quilt is exceptionally poorly made. It really, really is. Fortunately that is hardly visible on the front side, unless you look really closely. This baby has taken me two years to make, and has survived and changed its looks through no less than five moves – including two international ones. By the time I got around to actually finishing piecing the top piece, I had lost and redesigned the pattern so many times, that I have no idea what it was originally supposed to look like. The only thing that remains the same is the center piece. I ran out of fabric, and being as I was living in a different country, one year after first buying it, I could not buy any more, so I got really really creative with the cuts and edging. There was supposed to be more white and a lot more fruit, rather than chunks of green and yellow. Um. Yay!  And then I discovered that my ancient sewing machine would not quilt! It couldn’t handle the batting, so I resigned myself to hand-quilting the bastard (as she has been known ever since I realized that in January). Then I moved back to Eugene where my mother, an extraordinary quilter lives. Over the course of a couple of visits, I finished the quilting on her fancy-pants sewing machine. It does not match, and is hardly even remotely straight as I couldn’t figure out how to make the quilter’s foot work properly for me, and I had no patience. So just don’t look at the quilting too closely. Just…don’t.  All in all, this thing probably took me less than 3 weeks to make, but because of the moves, injuries, school and sheer laziness, I managed to stretch it out to two years (almost exactly too).  Go me.

In other news: I started on two new projects. I began work on my first ever Maligata bag. I went out to a beautiful LYS and bought some pretty llama/wool blend (when I find the name, I’ll post it) that was the exact colour of Mali. It was my first attempt at designing an intarsia pattern, and I am pleased to say that it went swimmingly. Next time I will buy graph paper, rather than drawing on all the lines myself. Or maybe I won’t. Who knows! I then had to convert the entire pattern into longhand because I simply despise reading charts. Even ones that I’ve made myself, apparently.  The rectangle that I’ve knit is adorable. It’s clearly a cat, and the heart behind her is also quite apparent. I need to take some yarn and a tapestry needle to give her defining touches and important things like, you know, her eyes.  In lieu of it being my mother’s birthday on Sunday, and me not having even the slightest present for her, I’ve decided to simply make this rectangle into a wallhanging and give it to her. I’ll have to try the bag out later, I suppose. But Mali is her cat, and we did originally get Mali for her for her birthday, so it’ll be cute. Mom will probably just be annoyed because it doesn’t match her decor, and Mali will be annoyed because she’ll think she looks chubby and Torah will be annoyed because there’s no Torah wallhanging, and Kit will just run around in circles to annoy Torah further, and Mickey will just sit in his box and glower, and Dad will probably be the only one to enjoy the present. Which is, in the end, good because I don’t have a present for him for his birthday in two weeks.

I also started sewing my first pair of pants. This excites me, but I can’t really work on it because I don’t want to wake up Matt with the sewing machine. He should be getting up soon anyway, so I think I’m going to go subtly let him know with the gentle roar of an ancient Singer.


One Response to “C’mon sea legs, pull yourself together…”

  1. Wow~you must feel so accomplished! Your quilt is fabulous! I want to learn to knit cables next–I’m very much the newbie! Happy crafting!

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