all decked in lace and leather

January 29, 2009

I keep promising pictures of FOs, but things keep happening!  You know how I’ve been looking for a new house? I GOT ONE! In the middle of the term. As in, I have two midterms next week and I get to spend this week moving. WTH, world? I also have to pay large sums to get out of my contract…but there was some good news! I thought my contract ended in May, and so I felt a little bad about looking for a place. However, it turns out that the contract is up in March and had I not been looking early we would have been out living in our car. Oops?

Only a brief update. I swear will soon have pictures of my new house (it has a yard! and a yoga studio (old converted garage)! and I got to paint the rooms pretty colours! OMGITSSOAWESOME!) and of my  FOs. I just started a pair of Fetching with some random…Bernat, I think.  I just wanted a small project to work on for stress relief!

Peace Out!


2 Responses to “all decked in lace and leather”

  1. Alisha said

    Congrats on finding a house! Sounds like the timing could have been a little better, though. I am SUPER jealous of your yoga studio. If you like yoga, by the way, you can always check out the UO club yoga. It’s suuuuuper fun and really laid back. I’m the head captain for the club, so I’m always on the lookout for new people who might want to join!

    Good luck with the stress relief…and you can always do some yoga to take some of it away! 🙂

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