no one in the whole world can ever compare

February 4, 2009

No pictures yet, as my camera is still hanging out in the old apartment. That, and I don’t have internets in my house yet, because Comcast is evil. They won’t switch us over until the eleventh! So I am pondering breaking that contract and getting internet through ATT wireless – Starbucks employees get a discount now, so it would be a LOT cheaper. I don’t know if its any good though….

We’re moved (mostly) into the new house, but as I mentioned before, I have had midterm exams, reading, and papers due in a steady stream. I finally got my room mostly set up last night, and it’s lovely. I can’t seem to get ahold of a garbage company, so that’s kind of…y’know…awkward.

I haven’t been knitting (or posting) because of a minor accident in which I fell down a flight of stairs – spraining my wrist, breaking two (three? it’s hard to tell) toes and removing almost all of my toenails. Plus a minor concussion. Oops. When I do start up again, I will be setting my Fetching aside and starting immediately on some slippers. We have hardwood floors only, and very little heating. So much cold in the feetses!

I am also currently working on getting an application in for a fall term in Denmark, and I am very excited about it. I am severely worried about money though, so here’s hoping I get a scholarship. If I can’t get assistance, I doubt that Matt would be pleased to be left alone to scrape up rent for a couple of months.

I am also resolving to start blogging properly, instead of putting out bits and pieces of random, rambling and somewhat incoherent paragraphs that aren’t all that connected. Fail for today.


One Response to “no one in the whole world can ever compare”

  1. Alisha said

    Oh my gosh! You fell down a flight of stairs?! What a bummer! I’m glad you’re still functioning, from the sound of it. I feel your pain about the hardwood floor houses, though. My house has a lot of hardwood flooring and my room does too…I keep slippers available at all times!

    Good luck with your Denmark application!

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