Are you an indirect object or a secondary object?

February 24, 2009

Life has been pleasantly full of breathing time for a little bit. So I took that time and used it to do absolutely nothing. On the one hand this was bad. On the other hand…this was soooooo good.

I slept a lot, cleaned up the house so that it  looks decent and house-ish and not like someone just vomited their stuff in it and then passed out outside. I also picked up Kingdom Hearts which I haven’t played in AGES and worked on finishing that. Still cursing my way through the final boss battle though. Too out of practice, it would seem!

I tried to finish my sewing project but I gave up trying to hem a pair of  pants without an ironing board. It’s just not working for me! I don’t have any other appropriate place for ironing besides the round kitchen table, and I’m just going to have to wait until I have a few dollars to spare for a table-top one.

I knitted a tiny bit, but mostly I prepared myself for knitting! I have projects picked out and in my rav.queue, and a whole big box of juicy yarn coming to make those projects. I wanted to structure my knitting a bit, since it usually just culminates me in me floundering and trying to start seven projects at once – all without the proper gauge, etc…  I also decided not to do anything big – I really wanted to do Thermal, but I finally convinced myself to keep everything low-intensity. When summer comes, I can ramp it up! But I want to see if my lack of good FOs has more to do with poor planning skills or poor knitting skills before I get too adventerous. So here is what is on the bill for Spring Knitting ’09!

River Tam

Simon Tam

Rose Red

Karaoke Cable Scarf

Ondine: Sleeves for a Mermaid

and Ziggy

I also need to find a good sock yarn so that I can make my mother some socks as a present for all of the work that she did cleaning my apartment. I think that maybe my present to her could be not screaming at her for deciding not to help me pay my double rent after I signed the contract but she doesn’t see it that way, so I’d better do something nice for her so I don’t end up in an even worse situation with her. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to be living far away from the parents with my own stable, stable income? /rant.

I have to go finish my attempt at a vegan shepherd’s pie, but I will leave you with some eye candy:


The kitteh quilt that my brother and I made my mom for winter holiday.

ani-012 Complete with “helpers”.

And of course, my only FOs for this time around since I cannot even find Shads’ birthday presents since I moved (oops?) to finish them off, MY SLIPPERS!

ani-0321Matt’s slippers are just about finished, and they are a bit nicer looking, since I actually planned the colour-change in his. Yay cozy feet!


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