Frogs, WIPs, and FOs oh my!

March 25, 2009

I have been a busy bee! I finished the term (can I get a hallelujah!) with a basic feeling of not-failingness and a GPA that reflects how close I was to doing so. Ouch. But that term is over and this coming term includes online 100 -level astronomy classes and only two upper-division linguistics classes, rather than the four 400-level classes that I opted for last term (can I get a WTF!). I am looking forward to actually learning stuff rather than cramming it into my head so that I could vomit it back out on exams the next day.

You remember how I said I was going to dig out all of my ancient WIPs and deal with them on the first day of Spring Break? I actually did it! The really great thing is that I didn’t intend to. My mom and I were planning on painting my garage and turning it into a yoga studio this week, so I went in there to start cleaning it out. Turns out that the reason we shoved stuff out there is because we don’t have room for it in the house. I was baffled as to how we couldn’t fit everything from our monstrously small apartment into our much more spacious house, until I started poking around. The house is full of fiber. Everywhere. Crammed in corners and various cubbies and drawers. Seven different places, to be exact, were playing nanny to procreating WIPs. In order to finally unpack the boxes in the garage, I had to deal with my FiberBeast. After placing the various balls of acrylic and other random yarns found for me by my non-knitting grandmother into a special container, I got to work on the projects that either needed to be frogged or finished.

First, was this sweater that I did not knit. In fact, it was quite a surprise found in a bag among other yarns from a yard sale (courtesy of Grandma…) It’s kinda cute, but not spectacular, and after finishing it off I found myself to be utterly horrified by the original knitter’s techniques. Oh well.

It is small, but fits. I think I am going to use it as en experiment with steeking to make it into a cardigan! I think it would look better as a cardigan; I have always wanted to try it; and it is a wee bit small, so cardiganing would make it so I don’t overstretch it when putting it on.I just finished with a couple of rounds at the neck and bound off the armpit holes, and wove in a billion ends that were unneccessary to begin with!

Next up was my beautiful purple Ziggy!

My first lace pattern and I really liked it! It’s super cute on, too…

And on to Shads’ birthday presents (her birthday was in January). I cannot photograph these well at all as there is NO natural light. We had beautiful days during the end of finals and then it just turned back into a swampy, sludgy and sometimes hail-y mess. Yeck. Anyway, the first thing I made for Shads is a lovely Evangeline in Cascade 220. Shads loves green, and she’s pretty hot and quirky and awesome, so these just kind of scream SHADS!

They really do look much nicer than in this picture. And super comfy. I kinda want my own now.

Now, Shads also loves Batman. So I made a Batman slouch for her. It’s not exactly obvious that it’s a Batman slouch, and that’s what I love about it. I just sort of cast-on for this, and made it up as I went along – slouches aren’t that hard really anyway. I just turned it inside out for the purlishiciousness.

But where’s Batman? Look closely, young grasshoppers.

As soon as I can get these mailed to her, I will force her to send me pictures of her wearing them. They look fine on me, but they will look awesome on her because she’s just That Way.

Next up: Maligata!  Mali is my first cat. She’s an adorable little girl who looks somewhat like a llama. Her nicknames are thus The Mali Llama, and Maligata because she’s a Mali and a gata. Inoright? Anyway, ever since I got her I always wanted to name whatever company I owned Maligata with a picture of her face from the profle blended with a heart. And of course I decided to knit that. As my first intarsia pattern ever. Oh, right and I also wrote the first intarsia pattern I ever knit? Why do I do these things? Really? Anyway, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with her, so I took all the scraps I had and turned her into a beautiful purse.

I’ve been told that it’s not that easy to tell what it is unless you’ve seen my doodling it everywhere. Whatevs.

My pet sheep in my cat bag made of alpaca. Could I be any cooler? No.

Are you getting tired? Cause I’ve got miles to go, baby… I found this thing and don’t know what it was supposed to be – it’s made out of Lily Sugar’N’Cream and totally pointless.

So I fiddled with it for awhile…I thought maybe it could be a small pillow, but I didn’t want to deal with stuffing, etc… and it’s too big and to0 loosely knit to be a washcloth, and not really worth frogging for the yarn. It puzzled me until Lily tried to eat a button, and as I pried the slimy thing from her jaws an idea hit!

It’s summery – maybe springy – and fun!

And then I finally finished up an old Maner that I’d made ages ago and just didn’t feel like weaving in the ends. I still need to find a fun button for it, but I’ve been contentedly wearing it all day with just a safety pin, so until then…meh…is fine.

These are great and similar to the Calorimetry which I have been saying I’ll make since they day it first appeared in Knitty. But somehow I made this first? Super easy and will probably be where most of my leftover yarn ends up. Mmm, toasty ears.

After a whole lot of end-weaving and a TON of frogging – a tunic, an afghan,  several wristwarmers and my beloved/despised Iris sweater design for my mom – I am left with one and ONLY one WIP.  Not only that, but my yarn is now only taking up one under-the-bed tub (which is mostly needles and other paraphenalia), one cube for acrylics and stuff I think I’m going to donate, and one basket for my WIP and queue. Ahhhhh….

I happily leave you with my Karaoke Cable Scarf, so that I can go to Ravelry and update for hours. And then maybe I’ll finish cleaning the house so that I can clean the garage so that I can paint the garage so that I can turn it into a yoga studio. Spring break my ass.

(can I get a hallelujah!)


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