Bandwagon, here I come!

March 31, 2009

Tons of people on my blogroll did a random Tuesday today, so since I got to work an half hour earlier than I meant to (damnable pens writing down the wrong schedule!), I will also randomize my Tuesday.

1.  I forgot to put the back wheel on my bike after April gave me a ride home the other day, and it was an unpleasant surprise at 6AM this morning. Fortunately, aforementioned schedule fiasco happened and I was  not late, but early instead.

2. I am going to make vegan sloppy joes in the slow-cooker tonight and I am probably waaay more excited than I have cause to be.

3. The term started yesterday and I am already sick of one of my lectures. Phonology? Really? Maybe I’ll like it, but right now the combination of miserable seating, unpleasant topic, and massive amounts of homework is not promising. My seminar on language and gesture looks to be absolutely mesmerizing though.

4. I am wearing a pair of pants that I made. With my own hands. They are ugly as sin, but no one will notice under my Green Apron ‘o’ Doom.

5. I plan to finish my karaoke cable scarf tonight, as soon as I rock my way through 70 pages of reading.

6. My garden is growing! Things that I planted! Are coming up out of the ground! AND IT IS SO EXCITING THAT SOMETIMES I JUST HAVE TO SQUEAL AND RUN AROUND AND JUMP. Sorry.

5. Matt locked himself out of the house yesterday – with the blender running inside, and couldn’t get in until I got home thirty minutes later. Never have I had such a smooth smoothie.

4. I had to put this on hold and finish it during my lunch break. I am now very hungry and surrounded by food that I cannot eat. I want something warm and filling and all I have is a really crappy nearly wilted salad (I forgot to bring dressing) and a mushed banana. Life is unfair!

3. I have had three compliments on my pants so far. Apparently ugly as sin is in. That was hard to type, let alone say…

2. Homework is dumb.

1. I have reverted  back to the third grade in my state of cranky hunger.


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