WIP Train (New Edition With Illustrations!)

April 18, 2009

I fell off the wagon. Or got back on the wagon. I honestly never figured that saying out, so I probably shouldn’t use it. Oh well.

Fact is, I started in on a second project without finishing the other. I was so proud of myself too! But there is a good explanation, I promise!

I ran out of yarn for my Simon Tam (and boy was I pissed!), when I was  only 1 inch from beginning decreases.

So I set  it aside and picked up my lovely Karaoke multi and started in on my Ondine.

Well, today, while I was just bopping around in my stash, I ran across the other skein of Ultra Alpaca Light that I had bought explicitly for my Simon. Um. Oops? Now, I know that most knitters knit more than one project at a time. But I am trying to cut back on my WIPs that turn into hibernating, felted monsters under my bed.  So I guess two projects at once is manageable. But I have to finish my Simon before I can continue on my Ondine. This is frustrating because of how dearly I love to knit with my Karaoke…and the fact that it’s good thick worsted yarn on US8s, instead of itsy bitsy not-quite-lace-weight on size US5s makes it so much more gratifiying to work up. Oh, and it’s stockinette which is a beautiful breather after this:

The pattern is not super hard, but it takes quite awhile  to get used to it. I used my first lifeline ever on this pattern because I kept losing YOs somewhere in there. There are a few little mistakes throughout that I didn’t notice until much later, in which the YO is dropped down in front, creating a weird horizontal line. I think I can fix it pretty easily with a crochet hook and  a darning needle once  I’ve finished, so here’s hoping.

I  cannot seem to get good pictures of my Karaoke Scarf. I will get my boy to take me out to the park tomorrow and we will take some pictures – although it’s supposed to be hot enough that I won’t need a scarf tomorrrow!

One last item. My husband’s childhood bear, Flashy (so named because he was given to 3-year-old Matt in the ambulance when he split his chin open) has recently shown an interest in knitting. He can be found anywhere throughout the house, diligently working away at his first garter stitch scarf. And here he is, snagging the best light in the house on top of the washing machine:

What will this bear think of next?


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