I’ve got a jazz guitar…

May 21, 2009

For some reason when it’s late, I have been getting Billy Joel’s “Zanzibar” stuck in my head. Weird!

I have FOs! But no pictures. I finished my Ondine, finally, and I also whipped out the rest of my River Tam. I freakin’ LOVE my River Tam. I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made so far. I adore the drape of the yarn – it doesn’t even need to be blocked. I still have a whole ball of it left, so I think I’m going to make a matching River scarf or some such thing. I am going to get some more of the Canapa in another colour so that I can remake Simon in it…I think the yarn is just superb for a tam, I really do.

My IT band started acting up something fierce today, so I skipped a class to come home and relax in the sun before going to work. I used that time wisely to finish up my knitting, but I got so engrossed that I nearly forgot to go to work. I was setting up to get some good pictures when I realized that  I needed to leave in 10 minutes and I was still in my bikini top and yoga pants. Unfortunately, this doesn’t count as appropriate Starbucks attire, and guess who forgot to do her laundry? Yeah. So I had to pull out the polo that’s already covered in ancient milk and mocha and pretend that I didn’t care. And once you get inside the store and everything smells like ancient milk and mocha, it’s not such a big deal anyway.

Tonight before bed, I am going to cast on for my Rose Red, and I promise that tomorrow there will be pictures, as long as it’s still sunny.

My discussion on Friday has been cancelled and Monday is a holiday here, so I don’t have another class until Wednesday. And two weeks from now, I won’t have another class for 4 whole, amazing months. I can’t wait.


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