Too fiberlicious for you…

August 30, 2009

It’s here! Knit FOs! Finally. I’ve had some yucky days involving getting called into work on my weekends to cover for a girl who got “let go” (her own fault, really) and getting into a really dumb yet intensely unpleasant scuffle with the Matt. My NoSpend week ends tomorrow and I will give more details and thoughts on that either tomorrow or Monday. We’ll see how much sleep I can manage to get (I worked at 6:30AM, then until 9:30PM and then again this morning at 7:30AM. I feel like a zombie).


I’ve been making a lot of cowls. I like them. They are adorable accessories – especially since I am trying to keep my wardrobe very simple these days. I am also attempting to use up my whole stash, which require a lot of one-skeiners. I never purposefully bought yarn just to stash it, but have ended up with a lot of frogged projects or just never  actually started the project. Oops.

Darkside Cowl

My new teacups!

My new teacups!

Check out those raised beds!

Check out those raised beds!

I had a skein of Noro Cash Iroha that I received from my Atypical Youth Swap, and I tried literally SEVEN different patterns before I found one that fit it. I adore it.

Silky Cowl

Those pear tomatoes are delicious. I dont know why I look so distressed about them.

Those pear tomatoes are delicious. I don't know why I look so distressed about them.<

Mmm. Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Knitting with it is just as divine as eating the fresh pear tomatoes. I chose a really simple cowl – mostly just stockinette. I couldn’t get a good close up picture, but know that it is soft and wonderful. And bright yellow!

Simon Cowl

Simon Cowl + Simon Tam

Simon Cowl + Simon Tam

Strawberries and Zucchini

Strawberries and Zucchini

I hated knitting my Simon Tam. Hated the stitch pattern – too easy to just mess up completely. Hated the way the yarn knit up into the stitch pattern. Naturally I decided to use the leftover yarn to knit a cowl in the same pattern.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I am not terribly bright. The stitch pattern went much better this time around, but then my YOs all ganged up on me and of course I didn’t have a lifeline, so instead of worrying about it, I switched to garter stitch. And I really, really like the effect of both Simon stitch and garter stitch. I may not be bright, but I at least have a faint glow.

River Cowl

River Tam and River Cowl

River Tam and River Cowl

I didn’t knit the River Cowl in the  same pattern as the River Tam – but it’s  not all that obvious. I love the Cashmere Canapa – it’s perfect for lacey summery items. I’m going to be sad when I start needing things to keep me warm and these have to go into seasonal hiding.


High Street Hat

High Street Hat

The really good picture that I have of this hat is being a meanie. I had this beautiful Mirasol Sulka, also from my Atypical Youth swap lying around and it was dying to be a hat. I really really liked knitting with it. I finished this hat in about two hours. Oh, and I look adorable in it 🙂


Five US0 needles + cables = Inventive Cursing

Five US0 needles + cables = Inventive Cursing

I made my mom some fun socks as a “Thanks For Cleaning Our Entire Apartment Post-Move” present from some super fun Noro Kureyon Sock. I had plenty leftover for some socks for me, but I decided instead to have a go at some gloves. The cables and the pooling are making for some interesting gloves. I have finished the one that you see above, but no pictures yet. I adore them, even though they are probably not everyone’s cup of tea…and I would never dream of making something that odd for a gift. The pattern is fun, but I will have to wait another week or so to cast on for  the other glove. Gloves are…intense. I find that I have to sit down and knit one in one or two sittings or it all goes wrong and I lost interest. Also: I hate my small gauge bamboo DPNs. I love  them for larger sizes but not  for these itty bitty ones.

I have also already finished another cowl that I made in one sitting out of leftover dark green Cascade 220, and am currently in the process of making a neckwarmer on these things called “straight needles”. I actually have to flip the needles around and *gasp* purl. I’m nearly done with my stashbusting adventure! Sadly, I think I will be frogging my FLS because I hate working with that yarn. It’s been four different things already and I think I am just going to felt it into balls for the cats to play with because I am start to hate it with a fiery passion.  Never fear! I think I’m going to be starting another FLS and a Moch cardigan soon – as well as  making a sweater for Matt.

I need some pictures of my spinning adventures too, but I’ve been having a hard time getting good ones.

That’s it for tonight – time for some yoga and a good book. I just picked up some kinda cheesey fantasy novels from the library and I am enjoying their cheesiness wholeheartedly.


One Response to “Too fiberlicious for you…”

  1. Eilleen said

    GORGEOUS! You are very talented.

    BTW, thank you for joining me on my no-spend week! It was great to share it with others. Your blueberry cobbler sounds YUM!!

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