Too much going on!

October 31, 2009

I definitely thought I’d be posting more once school started, and I started spending more time online.  Not the case.

I’ve gotten a few FOs off the needles, and started more WIPs…but right now I just don’t have the energy to take pictures, upload them, etc…


Things have been really rough for me lately, and I don’t feel like I can share the non-deeply-personal-bits on their own as everything is so intertwined. Hopefully things will smooth over in the next couple of months, and I can share my struggles. Right now it is simply too exhausting, and too daunting to even think about things — much less share them with the whole world.



One Response to “Too much going on!”

  1. Cath said

    I understand what you’re going through! It seems like I don’t have time to do everything and I just seem overwhelmed!

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