I have this final today. It wasn’t going to be a big deal until I looked at my current grade in the class – which is fine, but the last assignment I turned in promises to be one big steaming pile of poo on my professor’s desk.  So I’ve been studying quite a lot for it, and understanding terms that I never understood before (this is a Morphosyntax class. You should read some books on it…it’s cool stuff). We had a great big study party/late night brunch on Sunday which was superawesome and involved me drinking waaaaay too much coffee. I kicked ass on my other linguistic analysis final, and was feeling generally okay. But I wake up this morning with none other than the mother of all sinus headaches. I have taken virtually everything that there is to take concerning sinuses – over the counter, herbal, and yes…even some contraband sudafed that I horded like crazy while living in Vic.

I have tea, an electric blanket and two hours. I am thinking about popping by Market of Choice beforehand for some soup. Hopefully one of these things will make it possible for me to remember how to properly denote non-concatanetive morphology!


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