Two FOs and a WIP!

May 22, 2009

For the last two days, I’ve been out in the sunshine, knitting up a storm…and very nearly forgetting to go  to work. Two days in a row, I realized ten minutes before I had to leave that I needed to get dressed, pack food, etc… and for each of those two days I forgot something ridiculously important. The first day, I hopped on my bike to discover that I didn’t have shoes or socks on. This  made me giggle a bit and was hardly a big deal/uncommon thing. Yesterday, however, I left  the house fully prepared – in my helmet and everything, to realize when I got to the street that I had -ahem- forgotten my bike.  I think it’s time for a good long break, no?

Anyway, the fruits of my labor are as follows!

Two (2) Sleeves for a Mermaid!

That is my garden behind me! It’s beautiful, even if it is filled with old yellow-book pages (mulch + stamping down of unwanted twixt-rows-grass).

I love these sleeves, and I LOVE the colourways…but…I don’t have anything with which to wear  them. They look ridiculous with all of my outfits.  So they’ll just be set aside until I can rock ’em right.

Next up: One (1) River Tam

Okay, so it’s not a good picture of the hat. But I like it nonetheless, so deal.

I just adore this yarn! The wrinkles that you see are really just because of my hair being funky, and not a thing with the hat, because the hat is just lovely. I have to stress this since I usually badly screw up at least some part of the pattern.

What’s that I’m knitting? Yes! It’s my final WIP of spring term, and it’s Rose Red…or rather, Rose Orange.

I was a little worried about casting on in a yarn that I no one else used in the 500 or so projects on Ravelry. Also, Kidsilk Haze is TINY. It looks like you’re knitting with dental floss that’s been pulled apart. How is it that it still fit the gauge almost as perfectly as something like Cascade 220? I don’t know, but it does, and I will agree with so many other makers of this project: It’s unbelievably addicting.  I also love Ysolda’s pattern – I’ve never paid for a Rav pattern before, but I am glad that I did. It makes sense! I love knitting it top down, so that I can see the pattern unfolding, too. Up until round 26, I didn’t even make a single mistake or have to tink back even a stitch. However, I got too overzealous and picked it up late last night after work. Bad Ani, BAD! I just have to work my way back through one row, though, I think and it should be an issue. I was at least smart enough to not try to fix it last night too. As  soon as I’m done with this post, I’m going back to the exact same spot in which you see me in the above photo and I will rock my way through another 26 rounds.  Mmm.

It’s hard to get a decent picture  of the pattern at this stage, but isn’t she lovely?


For some reason when it’s late, I have been getting Billy Joel’s “Zanzibar” stuck in my head. Weird!

I have FOs! But no pictures. I finished my Ondine, finally, and I also whipped out the rest of my River Tam. I freakin’ LOVE my River Tam. I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made so far. I adore the drape of the yarn – it doesn’t even need to be blocked. I still have a whole ball of it left, so I think I’m going to make a matching River scarf or some such thing. I am going to get some more of the Canapa in another colour so that I can remake Simon in it…I think the yarn is just superb for a tam, I really do.

My IT band started acting up something fierce today, so I skipped a class to come home and relax in the sun before going to work. I used that time wisely to finish up my knitting, but I got so engrossed that I nearly forgot to go to work. I was setting up to get some good pictures when I realized that  I needed to leave in 10 minutes and I was still in my bikini top and yoga pants. Unfortunately, this doesn’t count as appropriate Starbucks attire, and guess who forgot to do her laundry? Yeah. So I had to pull out the polo that’s already covered in ancient milk and mocha and pretend that I didn’t care. And once you get inside the store and everything smells like ancient milk and mocha, it’s not such a big deal anyway.

Tonight before bed, I am going to cast on for my Rose Red, and I promise that tomorrow there will be pictures, as long as it’s still sunny.

My discussion on Friday has been cancelled and Monday is a holiday here, so I don’t have another class until Wednesday. And two weeks from now, I won’t have another class for 4 whole, amazing months. I can’t wait.

Trekward Ho!

May 8, 2009

Okay, you caught me. I’m a huge geek. Nerd. Whatev. And the Trek is coming my way! I am very excited, especially since a good friend of mine went to see it last night and brought me rave reviews this morning at discussion.


Not that I was tired of the rain or anything. Not at all.

I ❤ you Sunshine. Please stay.

I fell off the wagon. Or got back on the wagon. I honestly never figured that saying out, so I probably shouldn’t use it. Oh well.

Fact is, I started in on a second project without finishing the other. I was so proud of myself too! But there is a good explanation, I promise!

I ran out of yarn for my Simon Tam (and boy was I pissed!), when I was  only 1 inch from beginning decreases.

So I set  it aside and picked up my lovely Karaoke multi and started in on my Ondine.

Well, today, while I was just bopping around in my stash, I ran across the other skein of Ultra Alpaca Light that I had bought explicitly for my Simon. Um. Oops? Now, I know that most knitters knit more than one project at a time. But I am trying to cut back on my WIPs that turn into hibernating, felted monsters under my bed.  So I guess two projects at once is manageable. But I have to finish my Simon before I can continue on my Ondine. This is frustrating because of how dearly I love to knit with my Karaoke…and the fact that it’s good thick worsted yarn on US8s, instead of itsy bitsy not-quite-lace-weight on size US5s makes it so much more gratifiying to work up. Oh, and it’s stockinette which is a beautiful breather after this:

The pattern is not super hard, but it takes quite awhile  to get used to it. I used my first lifeline ever on this pattern because I kept losing YOs somewhere in there. There are a few little mistakes throughout that I didn’t notice until much later, in which the YO is dropped down in front, creating a weird horizontal line. I think I can fix it pretty easily with a crochet hook and  a darning needle once  I’ve finished, so here’s hoping.

I  cannot seem to get good pictures of my Karaoke Scarf. I will get my boy to take me out to the park tomorrow and we will take some pictures – although it’s supposed to be hot enough that I won’t need a scarf tomorrrow!

One last item. My husband’s childhood bear, Flashy (so named because he was given to 3-year-old Matt in the ambulance when he split his chin open) has recently shown an interest in knitting. He can be found anywhere throughout the house, diligently working away at his first garter stitch scarf. And here he is, snagging the best light in the house on top of the washing machine:

What will this bear think of next?

Okay, so I just saw an ad for discount Karaoke yarn, which is like…my favorite yarn that I’ve worked with in a long time. I’ve been knitting a scarf in it, and everytime I knit a repeat I think “I could really make a sweater out of this”. Well, this showed up at the bottom of Ravelry:

and I think: FLS. Which is not a sweater bandwagon I was originally planning on hopping. Nor was I planning on doing any large projects any time soon, but before I even know what’s going on, an order is placed for a good many hundred yards of this stuff (it was 20% off! Squee!) and I don’t even know where to put it. Oops.

Bandwagon, here I come!

March 31, 2009

Tons of people on my blogroll did a random Tuesday today, so since I got to work an half hour earlier than I meant to (damnable pens writing down the wrong schedule!), I will also randomize my Tuesday.

1.  I forgot to put the back wheel on my bike after April gave me a ride home the other day, and it was an unpleasant surprise at 6AM this morning. Fortunately, aforementioned schedule fiasco happened and I was  not late, but early instead.

2. I am going to make vegan sloppy joes in the slow-cooker tonight and I am probably waaay more excited than I have cause to be.

3. The term started yesterday and I am already sick of one of my lectures. Phonology? Really? Maybe I’ll like it, but right now the combination of miserable seating, unpleasant topic, and massive amounts of homework is not promising. My seminar on language and gesture looks to be absolutely mesmerizing though.

4. I am wearing a pair of pants that I made. With my own hands. They are ugly as sin, but no one will notice under my Green Apron ‘o’ Doom.

5. I plan to finish my karaoke cable scarf tonight, as soon as I rock my way through 70 pages of reading.

6. My garden is growing! Things that I planted! Are coming up out of the ground! AND IT IS SO EXCITING THAT SOMETIMES I JUST HAVE TO SQUEAL AND RUN AROUND AND JUMP. Sorry.

5. Matt locked himself out of the house yesterday – with the blender running inside, and couldn’t get in until I got home thirty minutes later. Never have I had such a smooth smoothie.

4. I had to put this on hold and finish it during my lunch break. I am now very hungry and surrounded by food that I cannot eat. I want something warm and filling and all I have is a really crappy nearly wilted salad (I forgot to bring dressing) and a mushed banana. Life is unfair!

3. I have had three compliments on my pants so far. Apparently ugly as sin is in. That was hard to type, let alone say…

2. Homework is dumb.

1. I have reverted  back to the third grade in my state of cranky hunger.

I have been a busy bee! I finished the term (can I get a hallelujah!) with a basic feeling of not-failingness and a GPA that reflects how close I was to doing so. Ouch. But that term is over and this coming term includes online 100 -level astronomy classes and only two upper-division linguistics classes, rather than the four 400-level classes that I opted for last term (can I get a WTF!). I am looking forward to actually learning stuff rather than cramming it into my head so that I could vomit it back out on exams the next day.

You remember how I said I was going to dig out all of my ancient WIPs and deal with them on the first day of Spring Break? I actually did it! The really great thing is that I didn’t intend to. My mom and I were planning on painting my garage and turning it into a yoga studio this week, so I went in there to start cleaning it out. Turns out that the reason we shoved stuff out there is because we don’t have room for it in the house. I was baffled as to how we couldn’t fit everything from our monstrously small apartment into our much more spacious house, until I started poking around. The house is full of fiber. Everywhere. Crammed in corners and various cubbies and drawers. Seven different places, to be exact, were playing nanny to procreating WIPs. In order to finally unpack the boxes in the garage, I had to deal with my FiberBeast. After placing the various balls of acrylic and other random yarns found for me by my non-knitting grandmother into a special container, I got to work on the projects that either needed to be frogged or finished.

First, was this sweater that I did not knit. In fact, it was quite a surprise found in a bag among other yarns from a yard sale (courtesy of Grandma…) It’s kinda cute, but not spectacular, and after finishing it off I found myself to be utterly horrified by the original knitter’s techniques. Oh well.

It is small, but fits. I think I am going to use it as en experiment with steeking to make it into a cardigan! I think it would look better as a cardigan; I have always wanted to try it; and it is a wee bit small, so cardiganing would make it so I don’t overstretch it when putting it on.I just finished with a couple of rounds at the neck and bound off the armpit holes, and wove in a billion ends that were unneccessary to begin with!

Next up was my beautiful purple Ziggy!

My first lace pattern and I really liked it! It’s super cute on, too…

And on to Shads’ birthday presents (her birthday was in January). I cannot photograph these well at all as there is NO natural light. We had beautiful days during the end of finals and then it just turned back into a swampy, sludgy and sometimes hail-y mess. Yeck. Anyway, the first thing I made for Shads is a lovely Evangeline in Cascade 220. Shads loves green, and she’s pretty hot and quirky and awesome, so these just kind of scream SHADS!

They really do look much nicer than in this picture. And super comfy. I kinda want my own now.

Now, Shads also loves Batman. So I made a Batman slouch for her. It’s not exactly obvious that it’s a Batman slouch, and that’s what I love about it. I just sort of cast-on for this, and made it up as I went along – slouches aren’t that hard really anyway. I just turned it inside out for the purlishiciousness.

But where’s Batman? Look closely, young grasshoppers.

As soon as I can get these mailed to her, I will force her to send me pictures of her wearing them. They look fine on me, but they will look awesome on her because she’s just That Way.

Next up: Maligata!  Mali is my first cat. She’s an adorable little girl who looks somewhat like a llama. Her nicknames are thus The Mali Llama, and Maligata because she’s a Mali and a gata. Inoright? Anyway, ever since I got her I always wanted to name whatever company I owned Maligata with a picture of her face from the profle blended with a heart. And of course I decided to knit that. As my first intarsia pattern ever. Oh, right and I also wrote the first intarsia pattern I ever knit? Why do I do these things? Really? Anyway, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with her, so I took all the scraps I had and turned her into a beautiful purse.

I’ve been told that it’s not that easy to tell what it is unless you’ve seen my doodling it everywhere. Whatevs.

My pet sheep in my cat bag made of alpaca. Could I be any cooler? No.

Are you getting tired? Cause I’ve got miles to go, baby… I found this thing and don’t know what it was supposed to be – it’s made out of Lily Sugar’N’Cream and totally pointless.

So I fiddled with it for awhile…I thought maybe it could be a small pillow, but I didn’t want to deal with stuffing, etc… and it’s too big and to0 loosely knit to be a washcloth, and not really worth frogging for the yarn. It puzzled me until Lily tried to eat a button, and as I pried the slimy thing from her jaws an idea hit!

It’s summery – maybe springy – and fun!

And then I finally finished up an old Maner that I’d made ages ago and just didn’t feel like weaving in the ends. I still need to find a fun button for it, but I’ve been contentedly wearing it all day with just a safety pin, so until then…meh…is fine.

These are great and similar to the Calorimetry which I have been saying I’ll make since they day it first appeared in Knitty. But somehow I made this first? Super easy and will probably be where most of my leftover yarn ends up. Mmm, toasty ears.

After a whole lot of end-weaving and a TON of frogging – a tunic, an afghan,  several wristwarmers and my beloved/despised Iris sweater design for my mom – I am left with one and ONLY one WIP.  Not only that, but my yarn is now only taking up one under-the-bed tub (which is mostly needles and other paraphenalia), one cube for acrylics and stuff I think I’m going to donate, and one basket for my WIP and queue. Ahhhhh….

I happily leave you with my Karaoke Cable Scarf, so that I can go to Ravelry and update for hours. And then maybe I’ll finish cleaning the house so that I can clean the garage so that I can paint the garage so that I can turn it into a yoga studio. Spring break my ass.

(can I get a hallelujah!)

…and this is primarily why I can’t get any work done:

They won’t stop being furry and cute. Lily (in black) keeps saying “Hey mama! Hey! I am sooo much better than syntax! You can’t pet syntax, can you? And I bet it doesn’t purr like this…see? Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.  Look at how demure she looks.  Croissant on the other hand has been keeping me distracted by turning into a twenty-pound hurricane and wreaking absolute havoc in every room of the house. We are currently down one collectable Lord of the Rings goblet. How will we ever be classy without Frodo? And how will Gandalf survive without his little hobbit friend? We’ll see.

When the cats aren’t distracting me, I’ve been distracting myself by pretending that I really need to bake more bread:

…yum. I can never manage to take a picture before it mysteriously loses chunks of itself. It is somewhat perplexing. I may have to go do another loaf just to investigate.

Now, it’s one thing to tell myself that I need to bake bread, because in this house bread is always a necessity. However, it went a bit too far when I convinced myself that more important than a final paper were these bad boys:

…who were delicious, incidentally. The glasses are filled with oat-milk which I decided to try since it was on sale at Sundance for cheaper than soy. I can’t stand rice milk, and I don’t really like soy milk all that much, but it’s usually the most economical option. The oatmilk was…acceptable. Not any better than soy though, especially not for the  loss of protein per cup of it. It served its purpose quite well for these cookies. I think I used the Classic Chocolate Chip recipe from How it All Vegan. I usually am set in my ways and always make the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance, so I don’t know why I switched it up. They were utterly delicious though. The second batch was better because I refrigerated the dough and they were firm and plump. I just didn’t want to take the time for these ones so they were a bit spreadier.

Also on my distractions list: ZIGGY!

So far I think it’s coming along pretty well. I’ve never really worked with a lace pattern before. It’s kind of ridiculous how long I’ve been knitting and all of the things I’ve never tried. Anyway, it’s knitting up just fine, but really awkward to photgraph at this stage. I still don’t fully understand how it’s put together in the end, but that’s okay. I’m also worried about the quantity of yarn I have left. I’m only halfway through and it seems to me that my skein is running a little small…but the skein was a good deal longer than called for by the pattern so I hope that I am just being paranoid. It’s a lot of fun to knit, but it does put a crimp in my knitting-while-doing-things style. Which is probably why I’ve never done lace before. It’s not really movie-material. But it’s kind of nice to wake up in the morning, make my tea and knit a repeat. And then scream because I still have a week and a half left of pure torture.

Final distraction, and last desperate attempt to keep myself from starting my socioling paper? Blog. So I think I’ve run out things by now. I will leave you with a good dose of cute and a favorite haiku of mine:

I sleep with one paw

protecting my nose from harm;

one can’t be too safe

FO: Mama Sock

March 5, 2009

I did it! I made an FO! I really did! I gave them to my mommy this afternoon and she seemed to not at all care about them. But I expect that when giving gifts to her, so it was a success.

I have been having such a hard time with lighting these days – I can’t get good pictures! Sigh. These pictures do no justice to the colourways, but oh well.

So I know I said that I would be finishing up projects before I started on my Spring list, but…ew. And I would like to do that over Spring Break when I’ll have at least three days off to get all organized. As it is, I don’t even know where Shads’ stuff ended up, so how can I be expected to finish it, right? Okay. So now that’s decided, but y’all have to hold me to my word: When Spring Break hits I will put down my current WIP and finish off my old FOs. I will. I type truth right now.

I think I shall begin my Ziggy!


February 26, 2009


Check out my new baby.  While you’re at it, can you say impulse buy?

My syntax professor dropped a bomb today. A bomb of flowers and kittens and shiny things. Our second midterm? Cancelled. A replacement assignment? Cancelled.   I was so unbelievably excited, and I had just picked up my tips from work, so I popped on over to Soft Horizons for a celebration. I’m knitting my mother some thank-you socks, and they are just so hard to put down. I can’t wait to see what colour they’ll be next!

It’s my first time knitting with Noro, and I must say that I am hooked. It’s lovely. I also have learned to knit toe-up socks, and  I actually enjoy knitting socks now! I never understood people who were sock-knitters, but I really quite like it. Unfortunately I destroy socks, so I  don’t ever really want to make any for myself, but they do make lovely gifts.

I have to get back to the socks, they’re singing that siren song…

ani-009Apologies for the lack of daylight.